Sewn date: Surfer's Shorts on December 1st 2000 (Best Surfer on Beach of the day) Quiins of Atlas, Sharkie, Rocki and Shellei.

Pet: Singsong, Seagull.

Sewn date of Pet: Surfer's shorts on December 2nd 2000 (Best Singing with the wind day).

Home Place: Beach of Happeilife.

Fav Sweet: Chocolate Sprinkle doghnut with jam toastie.

Fav Food: Fried Crab ith a BBQ sauce.

Fav Drink: Water, water, water all the time.

Personality: She's a bit bossy to seagulls because they are baby's, also likes to swim in the sea with her surf board around on the seas, her Quiins her sisters and brothers play about in the sand and her freinds.

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