Sewn date: Scuba diver's suit on May 27th 2000 (Neptune Day).

Pet: Splashers, Dolphin.

Sewn date of pet: Scuba diver's suit May 28th 2000 (Neptune Day).

Home Place: Waverly Beach ocean.

Fav Sweet: Ocean Sherbert and Sprinkle cookies.

Fav Food: Maccorini Fish with chips.

Fav Drink: Everything.

Personality: She's a real now it all of Marinebiologists, who likes to discover sea monsters or sea animals, she loves to have fishes all aroud her when she is giong underwater and she always tell her freinds how, when, what, where she got the sea animal or monster and her freinds like it exept Splashers he gets bored.

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